Thursday, April 2, 2009

March 2nd to the 10th we spent in queens new york with dean baltulonis of wild arctic. We recorded 12 tracks to be released on reaper records most likely in june. It was cool to work with dean again, as we recorded "stay cold" with him a year prior. Our main homie sacred reggie held us down relentlessly with a place to stay. Shout outs to his roommate who we kept awake through out the night when he most likely had work in the morning. Our bad.

Have heart, polar bear club, tui tour -
So far this has been one of my top favorites to date. The individuals in all the bands are great. Easy to get along with. The shows have been mayhem. Maxed out rooms, way diverse crowds, and everyone is going off for every band. On the way from montreal to toronto today we decided to make a quick stop at a casino, with one condition - 500 dollars on black. No other bets whatsoever. The dealer had to get the ok from her manager. He permitted the bet. him and some security watched as we rolled out screaming and yelling with 500 extra casino bucks. One of the coolest moments of my life. Fuck the system

the rest of the tour was tons of fun. dudes in have heart and polar bear club have proved to be some of my favorite dudes to tour with. hopefully we get the chance to do it again

someone in traverse city caught "soul vice" and "tui" which will be featured on the lp. despite a "no stage diving" rule, the show was a good time -

UNITED BLOOD FEST in richmond was too good. im sorry for anyone that missed it. as i had predicted, bad seed had one of the top craziest sets. unfortunately our van broke down in richmond and it's still there, somewhere. hit us up if you know any sweet mechanics in rva.

May 8th we leave for europe with terror. Born from pain, and stick to your guns. Look forward to seeing some euro homies.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

We recently returned home from just over 3 weeks on the road with reign supreme, full blown chaos, and dirty money. the trip was full of long agonizing drives. we shared a van with dirty money, smac man, and and a nice young man named nick, so with 12 dudes in one van everyone was close, personal, and under bathed. but fuck it, the tour was over all a good time and there was a lot of great turn outs. nick posted some vids and pictures and shit. check out his site or something! -

TUI at Chain Reaction from nick sethi on Vimeo.

January 31st was the Kev One of Bulldoze benefit show in brooklyn, NY. Black and Blue threw this event and it was sweet. a lot of people showed up and got buck crazy. support black and blue!

March 2nd - 10th we're going to be returning to the studio of Dean Baltulonis , "wild arctic" in NYC, to record our first ever full length.

Later March - we have some sweet shows coming up with Have Heart and Polar Bear Club. rent a van from or enterprise and follow us around for a week. bring your homies:

3/20 Haverhill, MA @ Anchors Up
3/21 Albany, NY @ Shelter Skatepark
3/22 Montreal, QC @ Underworld w/ Coliseum
3/23 Toronto, ON @ Adrift Clubhouse
3/24 Traverse City, MI @ Inside Out Gallery
3/25 Indianapolis, IN @ ES Jungle
3/26 Cincinnati, OH @ Warsaw Arena

The next day is United Blood Fest in RICHMOND VA. everyone needs to come out. its going to be insane. my prediction for the wildest set is going to BAD SEED. bet! stay clear of rashod in the pit. he's starting to develop a history with this band.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

this is my first time posting one of these things, and to be honest im not completely sure how it works. up until this point, our good friend buske of act:won design has set this thing up for us and updated it a few times with interview, pictures, reviews and such that hes found around. feel free to check some of that shit out.

im going to use this space to update you on some new shit we got coming up - shows, videos, recording news, whatever. i'd imagine this thing could be a lot cooler when were on the road and we can update this thing daily with ignorant ass klipa qoutes.


the dirty money split 7" has been available now for two weeks. they're going pretty fast, so if you're interested in catching a copy of the first press, get it before it's gone. you can get the record at

we just got a new bass player. his name is jared, he also plays in richmond's straight edge DOWN TO NOTHING. he's familiar with the road and an absolute asset to our band. last week, we played our first weekend with jared, and there's no question that he's the perfect fit for us. as for fiacco, who filled in on the dates with terror, he's still living in baltimore. in my basement to me exact. he's definitely hot and definitely single. ladies? :


the jared weekend included shows in buffalo NY, albany NY, and montclair NJ. all of which were a great time. literally all 3 dates were incredible; good promoters, good crowd, great atmosphere. thanks to anyone who got buck nasty in the pit. 2 of the shows were in celebration of the release of records by buffalo's rhinocerus, and albany's gaining ground. be sure to check them both out

currently we are, and have been working on an LP to be released somewhat early next year on reaper records. we have been together writing, picking, and choosing exactly the material to represent us, almost daily.

with that said, we won't be playing a ton of shows for the next few weeks. a weekend is booked which will cover NJ, MASS, and possibly CT. also, were planning a southern stream of weekend dates for december. you may know that in january we're doing a US tour with full blown chaos, reign supreme, and dirty money. we'll post dates soon.

for those who cant make it to january without seeing our pretty faces, here's some treats to snack on

bystander fanzine posted some live footage from albany. mic problems suck. however, albany and this show did not. -
Trapped Under Ice from Bystander Fanzine on Vimeo.

in NJ last weekend, we hung out with a guy named nick who's putting together some live footage and interviews and all that kind of shit. should be pretty cool, keep an eye out. he offered us a taste of some shit he got with us -

Trapped Under Ice from nick sethi on Vimeo.

these kids put together the wildest ass shit i think ive ever seen. its a video flier(?) for a show in albany. this show will be crazy -

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

REVIEW: Soulcraft08

Nowadays it doesn’t take too much for a band to be described as “hard”: just throw a mosh part here and there, go to the gym, listen to Alpha Omega 24/7, wear an OG Cro-Mags shirt on stage and create your hype. Anyway, there’s a huge difference between this and being really hard. Well, not a lot of bands around these days deserve this description, but Trapped Under Ice are undoubtedly one of them! I must admit it did take me some time to get into this band, but once you realize what this band is all about you’ll just love them. This Baltimore band gained a lot of popularity during the last months, and that’s what they deserve, for the amazing blend of NYHC that falls somewhere between Breakdown and Crown of Thornz is just brutality at its best. The 6 songs featured on “Stay Cold”, topped with one of the best artwork seen to date, will be the soundtrack to some pretty bad violence at their live shows. Once again Kitzel’s Reaper Records comes out with an amazing release!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

EXCERPT: Mind Over Matter blog

Mind Over Matter is a blog done by the singer of Belgian hardcore band, Rise And Fall. He had some nice things and very appreciated things to day in a recent blog entry about TUI. Check it out. Thanks, Bjorn.
One of the most exciting bands in hardcore these days is definitely Trapped Under Ice. That band is so ill. They are currently wrapping up their European tour and I would definitely advise you to go see them if you can. After that they have a full U.S. tour coming up with Terror. Talk about an awesome package. Their most recent EP on Reaper Records called "Stay Cold" is filled with well crafted, hard and sincere hardcore with a lot of groove. Crown Of Thornz and Breakdown are definitely references, yet it doesn't quite stop there. There's more to their sound and whatever it is, it's got a lot of people hooked. I love how a lot of older heads are super stoked on this band. I feel like this is one of those bands that could bring a lot of different types of hardcore kids to shows, in the same way that a band like American Nightmare did a few years ago. Either way, both lyrically and musically this band soars high, I hope to see more of them in the future.

REVIEW: Aversion Online

The latest from the always awesome Reaper Records is the "Stay Cold" EP from Baltimore, MD's Trapped Under Ice, by far one of the best new metallic hardcore bands out there these days. And I've been eagerly awaiting the CD release of this EP 'cause it also contains their 2007 demo as bonus tracks (as well as a handful of live tracks and a dub version of "Evelyn" by Black Ark, but it's basically the studio material that I'm all about). Utilizing straightforward hardcore power chord rhythms and chunky NYHC styled breakdowns with tiny little doses of added metallic flare, quick lead breaks, and occasional flirtations with sparse melody (think Betrayed) doesn't exactly appear innovative on paper, and I'm not really saying these guys are rewriting the book or anything, but they're not so typical either. I'm not entirely sure what it is about 'em, but it's more of a big picture thing: The vocal approach and the lyrics, the way they keep the metal influence way under control, the sense of groove and its balance with the melodic undercurrents, and also the fact that all of the songs are so short - leaving no room for senseless repetition or noodling around. So, yeah, I don't need to analyze this shit. It's great material and there's a reason this band's getting a decent amount of "hype" or whatever, so… if you've never heard 'em before, absolutely check 'em out. I can't wait to hear more from these cats…

Trapped Under Ice "Skeleton Heads"

Return to the point of no return. You can't clean the slate, you can't wash away the dirt. Now my patience is fleeting, I can't escape the feeling. Brain waves, like a vortex in your mind. Absolutely, your time is coming. It's coming. It's coming. I'm going to be there to see the death of your desires, as your life expires to the guillotine.

It's also available on vinyl if you're old school like that (or via iTunes if you're on the other end of the spectrum), but I fully recommend the CD itself for the bonus material, obviously, so… make the grab one way or another if you like what you hear.